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The Colors of Love

::Lavender and Brown::

Lavender Brown
15 March
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Color me Lav

[PB: Katie Holmes]

Gryffindor is love.

name: Lavender Ruby Brown
meaning:"lavender" = from Latin "lavare" to wash (because the plant lavender is used to perfume things by being washed with them), another is from Latin word for "bluish", again referring to the plant. As well as the plant itself and the color, 'lavender' through association can imply several things, including: affection in the language of flowers; cleansing; or concealment (something packed away can be said to be 'in lavender').

origin: Her parents were fond of colors.
nickname[s]: Lav, Lavie (both usually preceded by ♥)
blood: pure
wand: seven inches, mahogany and unicorn hair

boggart: snake
house: Gryffindor
pets: She had a pet rabbit named Binky that died in her third year. She believed Professor Trelawney's vague prediction of his death to be real. She currently hasn't a pet for fear of attachment.
parents: Juniper and Nicolas Brown

siblings: One sister, Sapphire Violet Brown, who will be attending Hogwarts next year
eye color: Brown
hair color/appearance: Light brown, usually straight

history/personality: The best friend of Parvati Patil, Lavender tends to squeal and giggle a lot, and generally gives the impression of being silly. She is usually happy and enjoys everything from clothes to perfumes to hair potions and such beauty enhancing materials. Many say she likes to gossip. She would argue, however, that she likes to be informed. In their 5th year, Lavender initially believed the Daily Prophet's insinuations about Harry, but Hermione shut her up. She attended the Yule Ball with Seamus Finnegan the year before. Lavender's saving grace is that she had the courage to be chosen for Gryffindor; during Hagrid's disastrous experiment to determine whether Blast-Ended Skrewts hibernate or not, Lavender, far from fleeing with the Slytherins, stayed to help and got burned. Unlike Seamus, Lavender joined Dumbledore's Army when it first formed. (Info from HP Lexicon)

- Fluffy Animals (bunnies and unicorns)
- Divination
- Steak
- Butterbeer (slightly chilled)
- Music (any kind)
- Dancing
- Clothes
- Accessories
- Perfumes/Colognes
- Hair/Hair Products
- Boys
- Colors: All shades of purple and light shades of pink and blue

- Snakes (due to unfortunate experience involving the near death of her sister)
- Potions and Ancient Runes
- Tuna and any other marine specimen
- Alcohol (she can't hold it very well)
- Silence
- Nosey girls (like herself with the obvious exception of Parvati)
- Boring people
- Color: Black

recent news: She is currently dating Draco Malfoy, long distance style.

{}{I do not own Lavender Brown or anything in relation to Harry Potter. JKR owns it all. I also don't know the adorable Katie Holmes. Meh... I only use her for an RPG community _phoenixreborn. Thanx. And remember to sing with all the colors of the wind.}{}